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Mr. Chibuike Ngwuli (A.K.A Ebegoro) the chairman of Eziama Ossah Youths Taskforce on Wednesday ordered the pummeling of Mr. Chukwukere Ememadu with machetes for failing to pay for groups monthly thrift contributions.

Narrating his ordeal, Mr. Chukwukere Ememadu, a tailor and a native of Ossah Ibeku in Umuahia north LGA Abia state, who is currently receiving treatment in the hospital, said trouble started when he had a minor misunderstanding with a member of their thrift group which led to a heated argument and a slight shove for failing to pay the groups monthly contribution of 3000 Naira in good time.

Mr. Chukwukere who was in deep pains with blood stains all over his body especially his back region when the News Gazette crew visited him in his hospital bed, told newsmen that the matter was reported to the community’s vigilante on the allegations of beating up another member of the thrift group, the community vigilante group invited and mandated him to pay a total sum of 23,000 naira, ten thousand as fine another 10.000 naira as settlement fee and 3000 naira for the contribution which he was unable to pay earlier, the 38 year old Chukwukere said he immediately complied with their directive and made the payment, but was surprised when the leader of the vigilante group re-invited him and ordered the youths of the community numbering over 10 young men to deal him machete blows which they carried out voraciously and repeatedly causing him deep body injuries and cuts all over his body till he almost gave up.

The young Chukwukere said, respite came when the traditional ruler of the community Eze Chiabuotu Emenike learnt of the incident and came to his rescue, ordering the youths to stop and insisted that he should be taken to the hospital, he however appealed to the public to come to his aid and ensure that justice is done.

When asked why the matter was not reported to the police, he said it is against the laws of the community to go to the police except on the orders of the Eze, but lamented that his life is in danger because he believes that Mr. Ngwuli the village vigilante chairman dealt with him out of hate and expressed fears that his life is in danger if nothing is done to call Mr. Ngwuli to order.

Our attempt to get Mr. Chibuike Ngwuli the community vigilante chairman to speak on the matter was unsuccessful as we were told he was not available when we visited his restaurant along Ossa – Ibeku road Umuahia.

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