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South East and the “RUGA” shout, The fulani’s strategy

Toro LGA in Bauchi State alone is about the size of Enugu state. Toro LGA is 6900 Sq Kilometers while Enugu State is 7100 Sq Kilometers. Enugu State in land size is the largest State in the Southeast.

The Mbaise people of Imo State have the highest population density per sq kilometers in the entire world.

Nigeria is approximately 1million Sq Kilometers out of which the entire Southeast is just about 30k Sq Kilometers. The Southeasterners relatively speaking are landless.

No one is asking a landless, landlocked people to donate land for RUGA. Even if they are asked to they don’t have it.

The reason why the palm oil business is on it’s death bed in the Southeast is because there are no lands anymore to grow palm trees.

Go to any village in the Southeast, it is deserted, berift of young men and women. Almost Everyone has left, leaving for other people’s land where they live and thrive. Yet they are graceless and ungrateful.

Do a mental calculation of all the ‘freedom fighters’ in the forefront of those pushing, picking up fights, abusing, insulting and fighting against the implementation of the RUGA settlements most of the characters are from the usual place – the Southeast PDP crowd and their IPOB acolytes. Unnecessarily bitter, angry for no just cause, recklessly profane. Can you give what you don’t have?

The Southeast is landless. You people should just stop the noise. No one is asking you to give what you don’t have.

Make una let us rest I beg.

Jamiu Abdulfattah

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