Reasons why Atiku’s campaign train took a sieze
1. Saraki defrauded him  billions of Naira  campaign funds for the north Central PDP rally
2. Obi refuse to donate to the campaign fund claiming his account has been frozen of which efcc denied.
3. PDP governors are scared of a possible red flag on their state accounts by EFCC
4. Wike isn’t taking sides with him
5. South East governors have found new love in PMB
6. His deal with his supposed sponsors has crashed due to the poor acceptance of ATIKU plan on 90% NNPC sale to be specific
7. Other speculated donors are suddenly developing cold feet
8. PMB’s dissent to the amended electoral bill which would have give room for electronic transmission of votes that he has perfected plan with Russian hackers to break into the electronic device and alter result
9. Reinforced security presence at our airports, monies can’t be flown to Nigeria on private jets
10. He has spent a whole lot to secure his ticket so no much dollars available locally and all our airports and seaports are under security watch for any movement of cash
11. Haven spent not less than #10 billion in securing PDPs ticket how much more will he spend for campaigns and elections proper? Remember he spent that stupendous amount only less than 4000 persons. Who much more does he need to spend on at least 20million voters?

Just my view though, feel free to add yours.

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