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Breaking news….PDP Suspends Atiku’s Campaign see reasons

According to a reliable source. The party is dilemma over how to raise funds to drive their campaign… Our source is complaining that the party governors who they had hoped to donate handsomely are complaining that their state accounts are under surveillance..
This according to our source necessitated the last week meeting in PH to seek for solution.
Atiku who hopped that his Vice would have brought in some money is also disappointed as peter obi claimed his personal accounts are under z24hrs surveillance by EFCC.
Our source complained also donors are afraid of donating to Atiku campaign for fear of EFCC. Hence the presidential candidate of PDP is in real dilemma.
Another source, said it has been difficult to mobilize for campaign rallies without funds. The party needs money to sort out logistics for the rallies as the party was yet to release funds hence the reason for poor attendance at their rallies
The party has complained that EFCC is crippling their campaign because of fear to loose elections

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