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Do you know that SARAKI initiated the defection of APC Senators, HOR members and few Governors to PDP thinking that PDP will get majority in both Houses so that he will remain as Senate president? Do you know that he plotted to destroy APC not knowing that APC parades the greatest thinkers, builders, smartest men, boldest, the courageous and most committed and disciplined in Nigeria? Do you know why SARAKI and his co travelers have been picking both the Presidential and Senatorial Nomination Forms? Do you know it is as a result of fear of the unknown? Do you know that some PDP Governors are busy having secret meetings with PMB and APC leaders in order to retain their seats in 2019? Do you that PDP is just floating in the air with no thinking men to bring it down? Do you know the magnitude of fear gripping PDP leadership as 2019 draws near? You see ambition is the propelling force that wills along our sense of direction but it should not be inordinate or rather misdirected. SARAKI and his co travelers are in a deep mess. Just wait and see the reason why light and darkness have no meeting point. You cannot put a car in the reverse gear and expect it to move forward!

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