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Steps to getting Federal Goverment social investment TraderMoni loan?

What are the steps to getting a #TraderMoni loan?

1. An agent will capture you in your location and apply for you. This process takes only two minutes.

2. Within 2 weeks, you will receive a text alert on your phone from the Federal Government that your loan has been disbursed to your phone.

3. Dial the code in that text message and follow the instructions to collect your cash.

Collect as follows:

a) By transferring the money to a bank account
b) By withdrawing the money from an ATM – no card needed
c) By withdrawing the money from a mobile money agent near you

How do I register of a Trader Moni loan?

You may register for the Trader Moni loan through a TraderMoni agent in your area. TraderMoni has agents in every state today, identifying and registering eligible petty traders and artisans.

***Trader Moni agents are usually found in key trading clusters and markets in every State. For any questions on agents, you may call 07006275386***


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