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73 senators sign to impeach Saraki

APC has garnered 73 signatures to impeach Saraki!

As it stands now, APC has 59 Senators and the party needs 14 more signatures to get the cocky senate president booted out of office.
We are reliably informed from our correspondent who’s an insider that APC has successfully garnered the required 73 senators to impeach the boastful Saraki from office. And the analysis of the Senators that signed to impeach the Senate president is given below!

The only senator of the PDP extraction in rivers state has signed bcos the man is on his way to the APC!

Moreover, four Senators from the southeast have also appended their signature to remove Saraki from office.

Consequently, two Senators from south south have also signed.

The 2 APGA Senators signed, Buruj Kashamu also signed, the female senator from Oyo state has also signed.

And the APC has also gotten the signatures of three more PDP Senators from the north west and north central to get this job done

Senator Saraki is aware of this deal and he has resolved not to reconvene the senate until sometimes in October.

Lastly, the only thing that will make Saraki not to be impeached is when the house is not reconvened.

Saraki is as gone as impeached! He already knows this!

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