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When we ask questions of how Ike Ekweremadu aquired 58 houses abroad and source of income some people start defending him by saying Tinubu is the highest landlord in west africa. Tinubu was an accountant in US before he came back to nigeria in 1982,he worked for 3 american companies before he became mobil executive manager in 1983. He worked with GTE Service operation. it was the largest independent telephone company in america. He was a staff in Auther Andersen llp accounting company, big five accounting firm based in chicago. He also worked with Deloitte,Hasrins & sells,a UK Incoperated multinational professional services network,big four accountng and largest professional services network in the whole world. Tinubu has is written on a clean shit. He never stole and his hand has been cleared by the court.
 Ike Ekweremadu was a struggling Lawyer before joining politics. He was Never a business man nor a real estate manager. But today he has 7 houses in Abuja,3 in USA. 2 in United kindom. 8 in Dubia. Also 38 newly discovered choice properties The question here is. How did he get this money

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