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One of the most critical moments of any relationship is when
deep-seated emotions are expressed,
especially when you two are still green in the relationship.
Saying you love someone can be a nerve-wracking experience
because you are not sure how he will respond. You feel it leaves you vulnerable
because now he knows how you feel. However, what you feel is weighing heavily
on you so you have to express it. Here are things to note anyway.
1. Why do you want to say it?
Consider the intention you have for wanting to say the
words. Are you worried that the relationship is slipping away and so you want
to desperately hold on? Ensure that you really mean the words and are not just
trying to trap him in the relationship.
2. He does not have to say it back
Do not go in with the mindset that he is obligated to say it
back immediately. You may take him completely by surprise and so he may need time
to process it. Just express your feelings and see how it goes.
3. If he doesn’t respond, it is not your fault
If he really does not say the words back, don’t assume you
did something wrong. You are worthy of being loved so it is all on him if he says he does not feel the same way.
4. You don’t have to walk away
If your words are met by silence or some awkward reply
rather than a blatant negative response, you don’t have to break up with him. He
might be in shock or does not feel the same way yet. Some people take
longer to develop strong feelings so you may have simply preempted him.
5. Give him space
If he does not respond the way you expected him to, just let
him have space to process it all and so you can also ask yourself what you want
out of the relationship now that you have expressed your feelings.
After a while, you two can talk it out and decide where to
go next.
This can be a very scary stage of the relationship so I wish
you the best.

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