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Reliable sources said that Dino Melaye, the self abducting senator representing Kogi West had to come out of hiding when his brother Moses Melaye got information from a mole in the police that the IG has immediately upon hearing the news of the abduction asked police to spread its dragnet and begin searching for the abducted senator despite the fact that an official report of the incidence was not made to them by the Melaye family. It was said that the IG ordered the immediate apprehension of the kidnappers and rescue of Dino Melaye. The source said this is the reason why the senator came out after only 11 hours of the said abduction.

The source also said that as a matter of fact, when Moses Melaye informed Senator Ben Murray Bruce, he was said to have immediately called Dino Melaye’s number to check if it was active. Dino was said to have picked up the call himself and said “bros, nothing do me o ” Senator Ben Murray Bruce then informed Dino that the game will not work and that it would be better for him to come out of hiding early before the police will uncover his plot and discover it is fake, or find his whereabout and arrest him, which will be worst than the cases already against him. Dino Melaye was said to have replied that the police will not take him serious and will not react for some days or weeks.

It was then agreed that Senator Ben Bruce should go ahead and make the announcement and they should all, including Moses Melaye, monitor public reaction to the news to determine whether it will fly or not. If it doesn’t or if the police reacts, he can then come out of hiding quick before police deploy technology to determine his actual whereabout.

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