Now the dust of the battle is settling down, the true picture is coming out. Those lightweight senators that left for PDP other than the Kwara contingent have made a terrible political mistake, they are nothing but pawns of Saraki’s chess game. The reason Saraki and Dogara are yet to decamp is now clearer – to do more damage and get PDP into majority but they lack the element of surprise in their attack, the real politicking will now commence. I look forward to seeing the dexterity of Oshiomole as a politician, that of Tinubu is not in doubt likewise Aliyu Wammako. The move is not effective, like the APC chairman said, 90% of those that move have no electoral value in their person, they rode on godfatherism in their states or the Buhari effect of 2015. Once the PDP primaries are close and preferred candidates are known because PDP will not adopt direct primaries due to diverse interests unlike APC with one focus for 2019 which is to return Buhari as president, you will see a good number of them running to catch the flight, I pray it will be too late for them by then because their decamping is a golden opportunity for the youth to utilize the NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN BILL. By next week i expect the APC youth leader to be making a case for the decamped senators seats to filled by people not older than 40 by 2019, unfortunately most of us on this platform will not be qualified for the youths support at the direct primaries by then if the Youth Leader makes the case. By my political Video Assisted Referee(VAR), THE GOAL IS OFFSIDE, NO POINT YET! Till after the Osun elections, stay politically conscious and love Nigeria. – my humble political thoughts!

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