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Jubilate not PDP.

The cake you grabbed today is the cake you have been eating for three years. You have actually been the defacto majority party.

Take time out and welcome the mercenaries in your midst. It’s good you now know your name is synonymous with filth. Change it as soon as you can.

Don’t celebrate PDP. The electoral map cannot be changed by a motley of weightless politicians seeking self survival. The odds are firmly stacked against you.

Yes Kwankwaso will come with votes. And Kwara was already yours since you lured Saraki into eating the forbidden fruit. But a thousand Missaus, Monsurats, Melayes will fetch you only a spittle.

Atiku will come with tons of money. But he cant deliver Adamawa. and if you don’t pick him he will retire to the sidelines.

Kwara will be fought for. Saraki’s hold on it will be ruthlessly tested. Gombe will be contested too.

And when you name your presidential candidate we will know what Kwankwaso can do for him in Kano. Shehu Sani will come to you with poems and nothing more. Hankuyi is with you already. Their hearts have been with you for years.

But you know you may lose Delta. And AkwaIbom is now in the mix.

If you don’t give Turaki your ticket you will struggle for money like Fayose. Wike will have a fight in Rivers he may not have money to finance battle ground states outside Rivers.

Make your noise PDP. But don’t let it linger. Benue was yours since the killer herdsmen came with fury. So you can as well have Ortom. But the ruling party is not sleeping. You lost Ondo and lost Ekiti. You may lose in Osun.

APC may be lighter but fitter without the moles. Members of house of representatives will defect too. But they cant alter 2019 significantly.

Oshiomhole is a handful. Secondus is a puppet. Do not merry . Hurry and raise a presidential candidate. If you choose Dankwanmbo then you will need crowd funding. And for crowd funding you will really need a new name.

But what can a new name really do. Nigerians still know Kingsway road Ikoyi and Douglas Road Owerri. Your old name will stick with stench.

And let me tell you. Your majority will yield nothing besides high fives. The budget is settled. The elections are 6 months away. The NASS will go on recess. When they resume in October they will be too preoccupied with elections to do anything.

Buhari is simply unimpeachable till February.

Dance all you want PDP supporters. You have grieved for too long. Have a little joy before your grief returns in 2019.

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