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1. Mosurat Sumonu. The neophyte we brought back from UK after leaving her job with the British Customsor is it Immigration. Jobless and with nowhere to go she was dashed a House of Assembly sit and made the speaker of Oyo House of Assembly in her first tenure and thereafter elevated to the Senate. She wants to go back to the Senate and thinks the way to get an automatic ticket is by blackmail. Foul. Her political career is gone with the winds. She even commited the mortal sin of teaming up with the devil Obasanjo in ADC.
2. Tejuosho. But for Governor Amosu this one can’t even win a counselorship sit in Ogun State. The only way to pay APC and Amosu back was to be hobnobbing with Saraki from day one. Amosu wants to go back to the Senate and you think this ‘etuke’ can stop him?
3. Rabiu Kwankwaso is being promised the PDP structures in Kano state and for that he’s ported back to his vomit. Watch Governor Shekarau defect back to the APC in the next few days. One million Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso can’t stop Buhari from winning Kano state. Take that to the banks.
4. Abduazeez Nyarko. In two weeks has been in 3 party’s. He moved from APC to SDP and now to PDP if you believe Saraki. The man is confused. The little said of him the better. But he’s not winning in Adamawa.
5. Suleiman Nazif. An Atiku boy personified. Anywhere you find Atiku you will see him. His only reason for defecting is to be faithful to Atiku even if it means committing political harakiri. He will never go back to the Senate so long as Bauchi State is concerned.
6. Ubale Shitu. Wants to replace Badaru in Jigawa State. Lol. I am not a fan of Badaru. I don’t care what happens to him. But Ubale is on a mission impossible. Recklessly giving his political career a kiss of death.
7. Suleman Hunkuyi. The way some people over rate themselves is sometimes difficult to comprehend. Until SAK came to his rescue this man has never won any election in Kaduna State despite several attempts. He’s now a super star. We shall see. He’s history.
8. Usman Nafada. Former Deputy Speaker now Senator wanted the APC Governorship ticket in Gombe and when Goje refused to listen to him he jumped ship to PDP to replace Dankambo. Meanwhile he’s from the same senatorial zone with the outgoing Governor who wants to go to the Senate. He’s on a voyage to nowhere. 9. Isa Misau. Another over bloated egocentric clown who picked up an unnecessary fight with his Governor in Bauchi state. A state Buhari has always won effortlessly and will always win without stress.
10. Soji Akanbi of APC Oyo State. Lol. The Southwest are consolidating for either Osinbajo or Tinubu in 2023. All hands are on deck. Nothing that Akanbi will do will change that. He’s on his own.
11. Gemade. Of all the lot his defection look the most strategic and tactical. The local political terrain is toxic against APC now. I see him benefiting from the self sponsored killings going on in Benue State but who knows.
12. Shaba Lafiagi and Rabiu Ibrahim. Saraki political lackeys. This is the year Saraki will be demystified in Kwara and all these charlatans will be buried along with him.
13. Melaye. Finished already. An open book. Nothing new to say. Will not come back to the Senate. Save this post. Let’s compare notes in February. Thanks for your attention

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