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Now, controvert this if you can!

I don’t want to talk about the late President Yar’adua, not only because he is dead, but because he spent almost half of his time as president battling with his health, but one thing is certain, Obasanjo and GEJ could not have tolerated Ayo Fayose the way Buhari did, yet people say he is undemocratic and a tyrant.

Fayose didn’t do to Obasanjo half of what he did to Buhari, yet he had him impeached because he could not tolerate him. Some Governors who had problems with Obasanjo were dealt with mercilessly using federal might.

Amaechi only had problems with the first lady but faced persecution and humiliation by the powers that be. Fayose insulted Aisha Buhari but nothing was done to him.

Murtala Nyako wrote a letter accusing GEJ of culpability in the boko haram crisis, he had his tenure shortened due to impeachment. Fayose and many other members of the opposition accused the president of culpability in the herdsmen/farmers clashes, none was persecuted.

When Sule Lamido indicated interest in contesting for president in 2015, EFCC was sent after his children until he was forced to drop his ambition, yet the same Sule and his supporters will say they have never been persecuted until now.

How many party chairmen and Senate Presidents did Obasanjo remove because they dared to disagree with him?

Even the mighty Danjuma Goje had to drop his support for Atiku when he was about to be dealt with by Baba Iyabo. I don’t want to talk about the impeachment of a certain Governor by a few members of the state Assembly who were flown to Abuja under the full protection of Ribadu’s EFCC.

The traditional institution too was not spared from the persecution of the OBJ and GEJ. Emir Sanusi had to be hidden for some days to escape the wrath of the federal government under GEJ. The police was used to block the entrance of the Emir’s Palace to prevent Sanusi from gaining access. Mustapha Jokolo, the deposed Emir of Gwandu was removed because he criticised Obasanjo’s policies.

While not trying to exonerate the current BUHARI administration, anybody that says we have seen worst form of persecution under this regime is a big liar or a pretender. The worst days have gone for good.
change is here!

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