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Fayose Fainted In Front of The Govt House As He Faces Imminent Defeat At Polls.


There seems to be no peace and harmony for the wicked.
One Prof Eleka in Ekiti is the one contesting the gubernatorial election is in Ekiti  but Fayose is the one fainting and some people have lied that he was tear gassed.
The question was how many people were tear gassed and how come non except fayose was affected by the tear gas to the extent of fainting and it was only him that was caught within the arena where it was administered?
However feelers indicated that follow the threat that many people will be killed by fayose the Ekiti Police command has banned any further rally from any political party
Even the Eleka that majority of people haven’t seen him talk as someone in a race as this his boss fayose
So,  people wondered  what’s with Fayose taking all the fainting  for another man
“Fayose deliberately blocked the road where the President would take to the Rally Ground. The APC Chieftains had thought that the President would direct the Security Forces to remove the barricades and trucks parked on the road just like Jonathan forcefully broke into PH Stadium in 2015 but to the amazement of all, Buhari asked “Is there no other route we can take or do we need to walk from here to the venue?”

Of Course, the President opted for another route, longer as the route is, the President prefers to conduct himself in a decent manner, he refused to go low!”

It was also gathered that commercial transport workers in Ekiti staged a protest in the government house after fayose gives out N2000 each the their members that obey the other not to carry anybody to APC rally instead of the promised N10000.  Many of them complaining it’s another scam by fayose

Facts indicates that many people prefer to trek to the rally venue to show their support for APC candidate Fayemi.

Some analysts on media queried the massive deployment of policemen to Ekiti in the face of security threats. This statement was quickly countered by refrence to deployment of 65000 to Ekiti in 2014 and 63000 to Osun state in the last elections by Jonathan

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