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Trending now is the image on N200 note. The question is  why there are cows on our 200 Naira Note”
These are my questions :
1. When was 200 Naira Note invented?
2. Under whose regime was it invented?
3. Is it only cows that was drawn on the Naira Note?
4. Do we even know the meaning the drawings on the Naira Note?

Here are your answers: 200 Naira Note Was invited during the Regime of the same people spreading fake news and propagating false informations to bring down the Government an Honest man because he is Fulani. Was Buhari the Governor of CBN When 200 Hundred Naira Note was invented? Was Buhari the Note designer? Was Buhari the Finance Minister? No Buhari was in Daura taking care of his farm, but the new trend now is “Buhari” so everyone wants to be relevant using Buhari’s name as a starting point.

Take a look at the 200 Naira Note, cows are not the only objects drawn on it, they are yams, Vegetables and potatoes drawn on the Naira Note too but we only singled out the two cows and based it on Tribal sentiments, because a Fulani man became the President we remembered that a Nigerian 200 Naira Note have cows on it even when the note was not made during his tenure.

The meaning of those objects on the Naira Note is AGRICULTURE. Nigeria is mainly known for Agriculture and Farming, we export crops and foods abroad on daily basis, we survive with Agriculture, Nigerian Agriculture has contributed more to the good of the Citizens of this Country.

All these stunts means that we really do have nothing against Buhari, we have no case and past mistakes we are just angry with him for putting an end to unnecessary consumption and embezzlement of national funds, we just hate him Because he is too honest for our Liking.

But all these stunts will not stop him from achieving his goals because he is covered by grace, his honesty and transparency are making ways for him.

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