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Defection To R-APC: Saraki looses followership In Kwara

Kwara State All Progressives Congress has said it was not shocked by the formation of the Reformed-APC by a bloc in the party to which the President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, belongs.
The faction, led by Rev. Bunmi Olusona as Chairman, said it had in the last three months been waiting for Saraki and his co-travellers to defect.
In a statement in Illorin, Olusona said: “The first question one is tempted to ask is: who does not know, since the past three months, that Senator Bukola Saraki-led faction of APC in Kwara State had concluded arrangements to leave APC and is remaining in the party only for the fear of the unknown, should they defect?
“It is a shame that Bukola Saraki and his cronies would make their over-hyped impending defection from APC to a yet to be disclosed party a daily press affair. No credible politician or group of politicians would occupy the press consistently for more than three months on one subject matter without walking the talk.
“What that signifies is: either Bukola and his cronies lack the courage to leave APC or are afraid of their faith in the party they intend to join. If they are confident of their level of credibility and political value, they should have left three month ago.
“Our greatest consolation is that neither the national leadership nor the real APC members in Kwara State have lost any sleep in the last three months since they started threatening to leave APC.
“We, therefore, heartily welcome the news of their impending departure. To us,it is good riddance to bad rubbish.
“While urging all peace-loving Kwarans to remain calm, we assure them that we shall not hesitate to roll out the drums to celebrate their departure whenever they are able to summon the courage to match their words with action.”

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