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PDP Changed 14 National Chairmen In 17 Years

For the first time in the history of Nigeria since 1998, chairman of a political party has served his full time. With the imperfection of APC, yet Chief Oyegun has made the history of serving his full tenure without interruption or forceful ousting by the Executive or political jobbers.

I must comment the tolerant of President Buhari & APC national executives for this milestone achievements compared to the travels of party Chairmen in hands of the opposition & the president predecessors.

In the past 17 years, PDP have changed 14 national party Chairmen. In ratio to the frequent changes of the chairmen to the years of our returned to democracy, it can be conveniently say no single national chairman of PDP serve his full tenure. Obasanjo alone changed 5 national PDP chairmen in his tenure. Let me take you to the history lane.

1. First PDP chairman was: Late Dr. Alex Ekwueme served briefly 1998-1999;
2. Late Chief Solomon Lar also briefly from 1998-1999;
3. Chief Barnabas Gemede 1999-2001;
4. Chief Audu Ogbe 2001-2005, ousted at gun point:
5. Col. Ahmadu Ali 2005-2008;
6. Prince Vincent Ogbulafor 2008-2010:
7. Dr. Okwesilezi Nwodo 2010-2010;
8. Dr. Halliru Mohammed 2010-2011;
9. Kawu Baraje 2011-2014;
10. Bamanga Tukur,
11. Adamu Mu’azu,
12. Ali Modu Sharif,
13. Ahmed Makarfi,
14. And currently Uche Secondus.

Well you can see for yourself. Stability and organization is the back of success in every achievements. After Obasanjo was corrupted with power, he usurped the powers of the party’s chairman by calling himself the party leader. He changed them at will & sometimes at gun point or through blackmail. He handed over same structure to his predecessors. Today look at the position of the once most powerful party in Africa. Least to say marauding.

At a point, state governors used their powers of foyer or through intimidation to influence the president to change the party chairmen or executive members as it happened between former Super Governor of Akwa Ibom Godswill Akpabio & Barrister Ahmed Gulag, that the governor influenced Jonathan to removed Gulag as PDP executive member. Alhaji Bamanga Tukur suffered same open rejection in the hands of PDP governors that forced Jonathan to changed him without options. It was rumoured too that Ahmed Mu’azu survived the mishap of Dame Patience Jonathan by Miracles.

So when principles & rules are put aside to satisfied the desire of whips & caprices, the resultant effects of such open disregard to laid rules & procedures are unimaginable catastrophe.

This is our politics in Africa, but gradually, we’re maturing. South Africa is a bit above the board & Nigeria has began to follow closely. We hope this would continue. Congratulations Nigeria! Congratulations APC Nigeria & MUST thank the president for his disciplines & tolerance and APC national executive for giving Nigerians this first experience. Bad Party Na Bad Party !

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