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Pregnancy can be tested by using salt.
Are you timid of visiting a hospital to confirm whether you are pregnant or not? Well apart from pregnancy test kits , there are simple ways that have proven to work. In fact, they are cheap and most importantly you will not incur an immense cost.
From a biological point of view, pregnancy test identifies the Human Chronic Gonadotropin, a hormone that is present in urine and blood. This particular hormone is produced by the placenta after an implantation.
The presence of hCG is detected in some pregnancy tests including the natural one. The hormone is discharged by the cells of placenta which is a sac formed to mask the egg against mechanical damages in the uterus.
Just like the digital pregnancy test, homemade pregnancy test also detects the same hormone in urine.
One way to test the condition is by using salt with your urine. It might sound incredible, but believe it or not, you can test the condition with salt.
Here is how to go about it
First and foremost, gather some urine in a bowl. Thereafter, add a little amount of salt to the urine. Stir the urine to dissolve the salt.
Leave it intact for some minutes. If a milk cheese like color is formed or there are foams in the urine, then it means you are pregnant. However, if the urine retains its color, then you are not pregnant.

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