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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo missed it with his recent statement that he is being investigated and might be invited to answer questions about alleged graft issues related to him. I have been following President Muhammadu Buhari and  support him fighting corruption. Former President Obasanjo, who set up EFCC and ICPC should not be afraid of being questioned once this is being done as part of the process to clean up Nigeria. Obasanjo set the pace for investigating former leaders in a way that Buhari should emulate.
Former Minister of Works, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, was Chairman of the Implementation Committee of a high-quality investigation commissioned by Obasanjo shortly after he assumed office as President in 1999. All Federal Government projects between 1976 and 1999 were examined by a team of DSS, Police and Military Intelligence to determine how funds were looted along with recommendations on what to do.
The report of the investigation in two large volumes was tabled before the Federal Executive Council, which approved a White Paper on it. It was the implementation of the White Paper Ogunleye was appointed to supervise, and in a way contributed to his political downfall, most likely from the same Obasanjo, who appointed him. It appeared some people were not supposed to be touched but Ogunlewe went after some of them.
There was hardly any senior political, military or business figure in Nigeria that was not indicted in the White Paper. Some politicians featured prominently in the report with recommendations to the effect that they should not hold public office for the rest of their lives.
We had expected a Buhari to follow this example by working on past reports, refine them where necessary and take quality action. Yes, he has made a good move to that effect so far. Starting with Obasanjo and IBB might assist the next President to take a holistic look at how the country got to where it is today.
The death of Nigerian National Shipping Line (NNSL), Nigeria Airways and many other quality national organisations featured prominently in the White Paper. Buhari can add his investigations to that of the past by going to the very deep root in the  anti-corruption fight. The OBJ White Paper was a major instrument in that course
President Buhari  should simply activate the many reports already on the shelves and do all that is necessary to bring people to account on their past deeds. Patriotic soldiers die for others during the war .
OBJ should accept his fate. President Buhari should allow the law enforcement agencies to do their work in a non-partisan manner so that Nigeria can begin anew. Meanwhile, the noise will soon come from another direction bigger than that of Obasanjo. But if Buhari  shows that he is serious in  the anti-corruption war, the noise from that bigger quarter may not hit the roof.
On another leg, Buhari promised to reopen the investigation into the political assassinations of 1999 – 2015. We are waiting because some of his key supporters also went down during that period. Our own Chief Bola Ige was killed too. It would not be bad to now find out who poisoned Bashorun MKO Abiola too. Major Hamza Al-Mustapha is still alive. Let’s have the full story about the killers used by late Gen. Sani Abacha because Sgt. Rogers was more than ready to assist. And Omenka is still alive, though outside the country.
By the way, Boko Haram did not just happen in Nigeria. It was a “religious” group in the beginning, no doubt. But it was also used for politics at some point. Let us have full reports and sanctions on those who promoted the group, which has now become the worst nest of killers in the world. The public
wants some answers on these.

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