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After their impeachment saga turn against them Sarah and Dogara ran to Buhari for an intervention.
Majority  the national assembly members are angered and accused the NASS leadership of make them to be at the receiving ends from the numerous phone calls and threat of stoning them to death anytime they try to come back home from their constituents which they are representing. Most of them were accused of either pursuing personal gain and orchestrating secret sinister to achieve their aim towards 2019 election or trying to cover up some of their corruption act and illegality
With the pressure from colleagues Saraki and Dogara has no other options than meet the president on the NASS latest  resolutions and the intent of the action
It is not clear if it is the pressure from the constituency that make the deputy senate president Ike Ekweremadu and the minority leader Senator Akpabio to quickly distance themselves from the impeachment moves. However the fact remains that the action make them more unpopular than before and has spring up a bar age of anger from common people that are still waiting for numerous answer from the NASS
Questions on N13.5m per month running cost of each senator,
Reason why anti corruption law sent to them for over two years not attended to and many more are been refreshed by their latest actions

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