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Buhari became president when federal government borrowed to pay salaries and 27 States out of 36 could not pay salaries.

His administration inherited 206 abandoned projects across the country, even when most of the contracts were already mobilized and some fully paid according to the the record on file. Federal Contractors were owed for years, the reason they abandoned the work contracted to them.

Federal workers and pensioners were owed years of unpaid allowances and gratuities and salaries were not paid on time.

Our foreign reserve were depleted to $26 billion, even when oil was sold above $100. Nigeria image among nations was at the lowest level. One of the reason, Donald Trump called Africa (Nigeria) “shithole” nations.
This wickedness and irresponsibility led the nation into recession. Thank God the government of Buhari have been able to pull us out of the man made mess.

Part of Nigeria ( North East) was annexed by Boko Haram and declared it Islamic state. Bombing became a daily routine. People flew from their house and villages.

The megawatt of Nigeria’s electricity was less than 3000, after the previous governments spent more than $20 billion. Loans and fertilizer that were to be benefitted by genuine farmers were distributed to party loyalists.

Many companies were opened wirh proxy names to collect contracts without technical knowledge of the work. They collect the money without using it for the work the fund is allocated for. When the free money stop coming, they close their fake companies and sacked their employees. The same people ( economic saboteurs) are the ones on the front line blaming Buhari for the unemployment rate. One need to be careful when devil start accusing angels of sins.

Politicians and heads of ministry logged our common wealth into their personal accounts and. Bank CEO and workers got fat allowances at the end of the year on the detriment of the larger society. One federal ministry will have more than 10 accounts.

Before now, private Jets were used to siphon Nigeria money to overseas. Fund ment for military procurement were shared among party loyalists and political associates. NNPC and CBN became personal ATM to few individuals.

Nigerian Custom, Federal lnland Revenue, JAMB and other agencies generated peanut because most of the money were converted to personal money.

Now, our foriegn reserve increased to $47 billion and contractors are paid and mobilized to site despite the low price of oil compared to what it used to be. Road and rail are being rehabilitated, expanded, and upgraded. Fund are being provided to pay the gratuities of Nigerians that were retired by previous administration. Loan, fertilizer, and farming incentives are given to the real farmers. Huge work is on-going in the power sector across the nation. Small-scale businesses empowered. Nigerian Military equipped with necessary manpower and equipments. Nigerian Military have recapture all the local government that were controlled by Boko Haram. Life and economic activitie have started again in north east.

Nigerian Custom, Federal Inland Revenue, and other sister agencies have increased their revenue generation tremendously. Foreign investors are partnering States for possible investment. We are being respected by other nations.

According to the Minister of Works , Power and Housing:

“…The Muhammadu Buhari Govt has committed close to N300bn to roads, & funded about N260bn, at a time when oil prices are manifestly below [2011-14] figures. So, if people ask you what #change means, please tell them it means doing MORE with LESS…”

If you think, Buhari’s government is not appreciated and popular, visit Ariaria Market in Abia State.

God bless Nigeria.

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