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One Fidodido Timi Frank apologized to GEJ for looting his destiny.Ijaw fish brain apologising to another Ijaw zoologist is no news. The comedy is the media.

Channels called Timi “An APC chieftain”.Later,they changed the story to “X-APC chieftain”

At the same time they are retracting the story…Sahara reporters floated the same report naming Timi as APC chieftain, and citing Channels as the source. AIT followed with the same report citing SR as the source.

Why is it so difficult to just call the boy Timi Frank an “Ijaw fish brain” What is the need to tag APC in the news? Timi Frank was expelled from APC over one year ago…if not two years.

If Buhari leaves APC today to join DAP…these terror media houses will report Timi Frank as a chieftain of DAP.

Corruption is a deadly virus; it kills hope, kills the brain,the soul and murders the conscience.

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