The Nigerian Senate, an otherwise eminent legislative body , has been reduced, by its sheikhship,  in standing and stature,  due to the  abandonmen

t of its functions , core and peripheral; and its condoned and tolerated  embrace of a self destructive pursuit of the massage of the  political ego and advancement of the political interests  of its honchos.

Abandoning republican principles and democratic ethos , the Senate is fast gravititating towards the acquisition and consolidation of dictatorial powers.

Like it’s errant member who publicly  boasted that he would kill himself  just to put rule of law enforcers restraining him in trouble,  the Senate is manifesting suicidal instincts, and appears ready to commit legislative and institutional suicide, thinking that such an act would pass and be accepted  as an exhibition of  patriotism and preparedness  to sacrifice itself to defend Nigeria from destruction by a totalitarian and intolerant Executive.

The  Senate must be told that what makes its Chambers hallowed and its members distinguished is not the redness of its ambience or the deafness and cockiness of its termed occupants , but the correctness and worth of its  work.


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