FLASH BACK: Ilorin Bomb blast ‘time to uncover the covered

FLASH BACK: Ilorin Bomb blast ‘time to uncover the covered’

It was two decades and a half ago that the incident of no similarity occurred in Kwara State Capital, Specifically at kwara state stadium main bowl during the reign of the 9th emir of Ilorin, Sheikh Abdulkadir Baba’gba.

This saddened incident brought illness and contributed most to the untimely death of Baba’gba, the then emir of Ilorin. The notorious man behind the incident is the father to Lanre Salihu Woru Magaji Nda a.k.a Askari one of the number one of notorious gangs of thug that just being arrested recently in Ilorin “LIKE FATHER LIKE SON”. The said man carried out the bombing assignment basically on agreement to be turbaned as one powerful magaji among others in Ilorin.
The people of Ilorin and other chieftains, including baloguns, would always be in panicking state when ever they were on issues that one way or the other connected to this magaji *** because they knew that he had been empowered with unlawful acts that made him and his son to be committing any form of atrocities and his ‘does and doesn’t’ were carried out without seeking any authority from above. Emirates (IEDPU) are clamouring for ‘harmony’ that symbolised our dear state in day and night, either on air, function and social occasion not knowing that “kokoro to’n je ewe ara ewe na lowa” meaning: the insect that bites a leaf lives with a leaf. This so called Magaji *** is a menace in our society. The majority of ilorite were already aware of this but who could dare to uncover the covered when their star shining above others stars; a lie may prevailed for twenty years but it takes a day for the truth to over come.
Therefore it is their high time too to experience the incident of no similarity with their sponsor *Big Boss Naija* “bukola saraki”

By: concerned citizen@TVC kwara.

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